Friday, February 15, 2008

A gift of love

In the true spirit of showing love, Rebi made me coupons for service yesterday. And really, it's a win for everyone because at this point in her life, she realizes that I am going to forget she gave them to me and not cash them in. Honestly, from all of the birthday and Mother's Day and Christmas and Valentines coupons from all of the kids over the years, I could probably sit on the couch and eat bon bons for the rest of my life. . .If I only I could remember where I put them!

This set was especially creative and meaningful though. She offered to clean our center counter in the kitchen- no small task at all. She offered to do a load of laundry (and she knows I am going to be doing loads and loads of laundry before I travel again), but my personal favorite is the one that reads, "Good for hour of 1/2 free work." I don't have to pay her full price? I'll take it. 1/2 free. I wish everything in life was 1/2 free!

I love you Reb!

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Mom said...

Love the face. Oh, to be so cute.