Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Amusing things

I sent an email to Nate- the 6 year old- today. His email responded with the autoresponder he has set up (and honestly, it would take me a little time to recreate that my own self). It responds with: "HI I'm cool" Well of course it does. There is nothing like having a theme for one's life! :)

Then, after being amused by that, I checked my other email to find that the swimsuits I ordered from eBay in a fit of desperation yesterday already have a tracking number, which means they might possibly maybe sorta make it here by Monday. Now, it's time for collective praying that one of them fits Rebi. I'm serious here people.

At that point, I began the morning run down of updated blogs ala Google Reader (if you don't know what that is, it makes blog life much easier. Thanks Don for distracting me into it) and Chicago Mike has a gem today. It brought a grin to my face. Here's hoping it brings one to yours as well. Thanks Mike!

Only one very messy house to clean and 4 ish days until vacation. If I don't post anything while I'm gone, please know it was an accident that I left my laptop right next to the front door as I left for the airport. . .honest.


Mom said...

Right on, Chicago Mike!

Mom said...

I love that Natey boy! He IS cool. --of course all my grandkids are cool!

I do hope the swimsuits arrive in time. Have a great vacation.

Michael said...

Thanks for the shoutout!

Dave said...

"Hi I'm cool". Bwahahahaha. That is SO him.