Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Swimsuit update

After much complaining and searching and shopping for swimsuits, I was able to use your suggestions and found one suit for Rebi and 2 suits for Ellie. Ellie's came to $30, and Rebi's gold plated suit came to $80. 2 weeks later, no suits have arrived. No cards have been charged and no one has any record of an order from me. Did I just dream I ordered them? Possibly. The brain is going fast now. Very fast. To make matters worse, the suits are sold out and we are leaving for Orlando in less than a week. Ellie has another suit she can wear, but the only one Rebi has is too big in the shoulders and will now have to be tied across her back because I don't even have time to get it altered. Or I can try to ship something even more expensive for her from Land's End and pay the additional expedited shipping.

I just finished "The Devil Wears Prada" and I want to know, where do I find myself a girl who will be my personal slave like that? Because honestly, I really need one. . .

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John Hattan said...

Maggie's got four swimsuits. Got 'em from garage sales. Paid about $5 for all of 'em.