Thursday, March 27, 2008

I owe it all to my Kitchenaids

I know that any of you who read this blog regularly probably consider me a neglectful parent. To disabuse you of that notion, I would like to tell you all of the things I didn't do today.
  • I did not actually spank any of the kids when they played around for 2 hours in order to get out of 10 minutes worth of cleaning.
  • I did not get mad at Ellie for not putting away the clothes she was hired (for $$$) to put away 3 days ago.
  • I did not complain and get grumpy when the kids splashed me at the pool. Many times. In spite of my intense loathing of cold water.
  • I did not freak out when Tyler nearly ripped his foot off while trying to stop Rebi's bike (that he was riding and is in fact too big for him) from careening into the van.
  • I did not spend the entire day working on

And now a list of things I did:
  • I did forget to bake my son a birthday cake to take to his 12th birthday bash at his storytelling workshop tomorrow.
  • I did get off the computer at 1 am and start baking said cake immediately.
  • I did forget to preheat the oven, which made me grumpy and a little teary-eyed, causing me to turn the mixer up too fast, blanketing the kitchen in a fine mist of powdered sugar.
  • I did repeat the exact same mistake with the cocoa. "Ebony and Ivory, live together in perfect harmony. . ." The tears might have turned into sobbing.
  • I did take pain killers for an old football injury and I'm now a little high.
  • I did nearly fall asleep on the couch, almost burning the cake.
  • I did set my alarm for 7 am in order to frost the cake after it cools.

I will not go back to bed just as soon as they walk out the door. . .

But I'm here to tell you, without the Kitchenaids, the boys would have been stuck eating Albertson's cake. And that is a neglect I just cannot allow.

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Mom said...

Football injury???? I don't remember any football injury. Aren't you one of my girls? Oh, that's right. I was supposed to raise three girls. Actually, I raised four boys -- well, three were tom-boys - or maybe two. Marsha turned out a little bit girlie, but not by much.

Oh, and great going on the self control with the kids. I am really proud of you.

Loved the "ebony and ivory." That's one of the hazzards of those fancy mixers, unless you have the splash guards. Many times, I managed to sling flour, sugar, cocoa, or whatever else I was mixing all over the kitchen. I really hated it when the ingredients were wet.

And that job sounds like a real winner. Ya gonna just snap it right up?