Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A conversation with the Dog

Dog: Hey! Wanna Play? I wanna play! Do you wanna play?
Me: Sorry dude, but I have to take the stitches out of your umm. . .nether regions.

Dog: I'm SOOO outta here.

Dog: Crap! You're serious. You do know that those scissors and tweezers are sharp, right? And my skin is tender? Isn't it bad enough that you removed my parts?
Dog: I'll make a deal with you. I'll just walk myself while you use the scissors on someone else. Nate maybe? He's gotta have stitches again somewhere. . .
Me: Sorry dog, we have to remove the stitches where your boy parts used to be. Pretty much now. Hold still. Let me just get 3 strong children to help me hold you down so I can torture. . .erm, I mean treat. . .you.
Dog: Fine, but I'm going to whine and cry. I'm going to thrash. And you should know, I am going to make undoggly noises in the back of my throat that remind you of a cat giving birth to razor blades. Giant razor blades.
Me: It's OK, I'm almost done.
Dog: It's NOT OK. It's nothing like OK! You have scissors in my previously testicled zone. There is absolutely NOTHING OK ABOUT THIS!
Me: Thanks for sharing. You're done. We can play now.
Dog: I'm never playing with you again.

Dog: Hey! Wanna Play? I wanna play! Do you wanna play?


John Hattan said...

I am rendered weak by that puppy's cuteness.

KA said...


Naomi said...

You have caused a whining, sulking, fit at our house. . . That dog is so cute and wouldn't it be fine if we had a dog as cute as theirs is? I know you have allergies, Mom. But you could just stay away from it.

I do have to agree with them on one point. That is a REALLY cute little dog! I love the one black eye.

Mom said...

He's getting sooo cute. I hope he stays that cute as he grows up.

Jen said...

That poor dog.

Hey, you can certainly have my two dogs if you're looking for more pets...