Thursday, March 6, 2008

I am a Trash Picker

This morning, I was driving past a street which had been hit up for donations for one of the charity thrift stores in the area. There was a really great chair out on the sidewalk, meant to benefit people less fortunate than I. But I REALLY wanted it to benefit me. Except I don't need another chair. And I wasn't sure I could wrestle it into the van. And there was no darkness to prevent me from being identified as a donations stealer. And I suddenly felt shame, remembering how I attacked a homeless guy last month. I didn't want to take anything that might contribute to the well being of homeless people in my area. Or anywhere. So I drove away.

And when I went by again 30 minutes later because the chair was pretty fun, and all of the kids were in school so there would be fewer witnesses, it was gone. But the neighbor had some nice pans out, so I swiped those instead.


Mom said...

That's a neat chair. You didn't snag it?

frizzlefry said...

Nope. I missed my chance out of embarrassment, of all things!

kevin said...

On my mission, we got the coolest couch from off the sidewalk. However, we just went up to the front door and knocked--asked if they wanted to learn more and when they said, "NO," asked if we could have their couch.

I come from a long line of DI shoppers. If you can get it before it even gets there--that much better!

Naomi said...

Dang, it was really me. . . I am on Kev's lap top!