Thursday, April 24, 2008


Rebi: Mom, I'm writing a story and one line says, "Her cell phone rang, a jangling 80's tune by an artist known as the King of Pop." Do you know who that is?
Mom: (absentmindedly working on a contract and not really listening) Uhm. No. Not really.
Rebi: You don't know who the King of Pop is? How can you not know Michael Jackson?
Mom: Well Reb, I was never a huge Michael Jackson fan.

Ellie: Yeah huh Mom, I read it in your journal that you LOVED Michael Jackson.

Which cracks me up because I honestly don't remember loving him. And, for the record, I was 9. It wasn't a recent journal or anything.

So, in looking for a fun Michael Jackson clip to post with this, I found this little gem on YouTube.

What a great way to spend all of that extra "free" time, right? Frankly, I'm way more frightened of the "girl" in the video than I am of the zombies.


Anonymous said...

that is truly sick and wrong ... and the scary thing is I remember vivildy seeing that on the ever crazed MTV from the 80's... eeek Cathie

Naomi said...

Come on! Who wasn't a fan of the pre-legal woes Michael. I remember watching "He's Bad" about a million times on MTV. Loved the dance moves (the moon walk). In looking back, he was the most effeminate "bad" guy around. . . black leather and one glove can do that for a person.

Christina said...

All I'm saying is journals from my youth no longer exists. That way nothing can come back to haunt me.

I admit my reading comprehension was a littel off becasue All I saw was King of Pop and wondered if that would be Coca Cola.

Out of context your video made no sense to me.

frizzlefry said...

Loving the Coke? now that I will admit to!

Naomi- you're cracking me up! It's like Dave finding out that George Michaels is gay was a total revelation. Honestly, didn't the track shorts give it right away?

Luella Downs said...

I am not ashamed to say it, "I love Michael Jackson and I don't care who knows it!"