Friday, April 25, 2008


With all of the talk of Michael Jackson it reminded me of one of my favorite drinks growing up.

Does anyone else remember the Clearly Canadian beverage line? I looked for it at the store today, but there wasn't any.


Anonymous said...

I was a New York Seltzer fan myself
; ) Remember those?


frizzlefry said...

Oh! I had forgotten those! My neighbor drank 5 or 6 a day. And she rarely shared.

cari said...

Peach Clearly Canadian was my absolute favorite...I can't believe that you bring this up because I was just wondering if those were still available in stores the other day.

Gaiiden said...

Oh man I remember this drink, was my fav back when I was a kid. I too remember looking for it a year or so ago and being unable to find it.

Dave said...

I used to have a collection of every flavor of New York Seltzer on my bookshelf.