Sunday, May 11, 2008


Mother's Day was a huge success. Just ask Evan, who woke up with his regularly occurring bout of back pain and promptly took pain killers and went back to bed. Or you can ask Tyler, who woke up with what he could only describe as a blinding migraine. Literally. Or maybe Nate who claimed his stomach was too sick to go to church. Oh I know! Ask Ellie, who jumped off the counter (after getting out ingredients for the very delicious triple layer "Happy Madre Day" cake pictured above) and managed to bang her elbow into the granite counter top. No, she still isn't using it. Yes, it is bruised in a very weird fashion. Yes, barring a miracle I will be taking her for Xrays in the morning.

There were the typical highlights of arguing over the Wii, but over all they reigned themselves in quite nicely. Nate did not sit on my lap telling me he loved me all day, although Tyler and Evan gave me copious hugs. Then again, that could have been a direct result of the drugs they were on.

My favorite quotes of the day:

Jenne's daughter: Mom, it's not fair. Moms and Dads get two whole days dedicated to them because they get Mother's or Father's Day AND their birthdays. Kids only get their birthdays. While it might be true that Dads get 2 whole days dedicated to them every year, Jenne was pretty sure that the fact she was helping her daughter do the dishes from the meal Jenne had cooked was a pretty good indicator of the reality of Motherhood.

Nate: Mom, Happy Mother's Day! You can ask me to do any task at all and I will do it. I will do anything you ask me to. And after a brief pause, he must have realized the implications of it, because then he said, But not if it takes too long. We're still trying to define "too long". It turns out going to the garage for a can of olives is waaay over the time limit he imposed. . .

My Mom: You've had the Wii for how long and they didn't get the cleaning done? I think there's something wrong there. I don't think you've trained them very well. Because no Mother's Day would be complete without my own mother imposing a sense of failure on me, right?

And now, I think I shall go "recover" from Mother's Day!


frizzlefry said...

I love you, Mom. I know you were kidding. It was really too good to pass up though! :)

katzbox said...

I'm sure your Mom knows that sometimes we just have to go for the laugh....well done Melissa, another great post...

Mom said...

I am still sobbing my heart out. You cut me deep with that post. The apology only helps a little. (sigh!)

OK, ok, just joking. What can I say? It just came out wrong! That is not what I was trying to say. Old age and senior moments make for some pretty stupid comments. (Sigh - again!)

If I tell you I really do love you, will it help at all? (: