Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Too much sun, too much TV, too much computer and not enough structure. I suppose it happens every summer, but somehow I manage to forget about it until it comes round again. . .boredom meltdown. Which, I am supposed to solve while still working full time, fixing them food, doing laundry, taking them to the beach once a week, and carting them around to friends' houses.

I wish I could understand why they melt down when so many fun things are happening.

But here we are, and as a result of poor attitudes and blatant disobedience and disrespect, 0ne child has lost their cell phone, one has lost their computer privileges, and I have just unplugged the TV. Tomorrow should be loads of fun. If they get too out of sorts, I'm sending them all upstairs to do math. Nothing wrong with getting a jump start on school for the fall. . .

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Em Dog said...

Come to the beach tomorrow. . .It's my first time taking my kids to the beach. Yes, Mae is 4. Be kind.