Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ode to a Toad

Last week, Tyler got to fly to Salt Lake to hang out with his best buddy.
While he was gone, I checked on his toad and she was dead.
She lived 3 years with our family.

This picture does no justice to the gross factor of the dead toad.
We had great plans to bury the toad and videotape the burial, but couldn't find the video camera.
So, we had no choice but to deal with the stink factor until Tyler returned home for the burial.
The toad lived in his little box, wrapped in paper towels, outside for a week.

Once Ty got back, it was both birthday and funeral time. Poor kid.

Lovingly, the kids decorated the coffin.
We all gathered outside for the funeral. The stench was better out there. But not much.
Everyone said a few words, including sweet Ty.

The coffin was then placed in a specially prepared grave and solemnly buried.

Comforting hugs were given.
I hope they always turn to each other during times of grief and trial.


Gaiiden said...

We have a little cemetery out underneath one of our evergreen trees. I think we've got something like 3 guinea pigs, 2 birds, 3 rabbits and a few hamsters/gerbils. Yea, my sisters and I had a lot of pets over the 16 collective years of growing up :P

frizzlefry said...

You have good parents to go through all of those funerals with you.

Because to me, she was just a toad, but Tyler and Nate really loved her.