Monday, June 4, 2007


OK, again, I am aware that I am REALLY far behind on this, but I am rather annoyed. Why didn't Peter just fly himself away? Did we really need to see Mr "Suddenly Selfless After Having Become Completely Power Hungry" Petrelli fly away with his baby brother in his arms? PUHLEEZ!

And, the Silar soap opera where he slithers into the sewer when no one was looking? Are you freaking kidding me? There are at least 5 people present who are fully aware of the magnitude of his powers- and creepiness. But suddenly every one of them are completely brain dead and don't bother to entertain the idea that he might not be fully dead? AAARGH! Of course, I exclude Parkman from that since he's been an idiot from day one.

Truly, I love this show, but they maybe could have made the finale a bit more intelligent and conveyed the same info. Sigh.

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