Monday, June 4, 2007

Unemployed for the summer?!?!

Due to "office" politics far too annoying and ridiculous to go into, I just might find myself without a job for the summer. Wow, would that be nice. I'm dreaming of going days without checking my email, hour upon hour of sitting at the pool, going to the beach, reading.

I could actually teach the girls to sew rather than pretending to pay attention while worrying about a customer or a team member. It's been at least 3 years since I have had a vacation where I didn't have to check email and work while I'm gone from home. Not optimal for relaxation, I will reassure you! :)

The question remaining, is do I quit outright and prevent the next few days of drama, or do I let them battle it out and see if I still have a job next week?

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Dave said...

Maybe I should have become a doctor instead.