Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Ladies' Man

To preface this post, it should be known that a certain son of mine (who shall remain nameless for privacy sake) has been doing gymnastics for the past couple of years. He is also on the very low end of weight as compared to his height. Those two items have combined to give him what I lovingly refer to as a "baby six pack" as shown here:

As you can imagine, he is pretty proud of this accomplishment, as it clearly professes that he has non-geek qualities to him. I was unaware just how much he enjoys the notoriety of a six pack, until I overheard him talking with his friend (I was driving them in the car, so they were aware I overheard them). Recently, the 6th graders had a reward day of some type at Raging Waters. It was on the way home from this that I was enlightened.

As is want to happen when children reach a certain age, it seems that a certain boy has developed a crush. The object of his crush, who is not a girl we go to church with (should anyone wonder), is oblivious. This young man has been trying to get her attention and let her know he likes her all year long. She either is playing dumb, or is extremely obtuse. He was getting desperate and at Raging Waters, he saw an opportunity to really be remembered. Yes, this is where the six pack comes in.

It seems that although the aforementioned young man has been showing off his six pack in small groups at lunch time, The Girl had not yet seen it. It was decided that while shirtless at Raging Waters for the entire day, The Boy would keep his stomach continually flexed so that The Girl would see his very non-geeky muscles any time she happened to pass near by him. Sadly, there was a flaw to his plan, which didn't occur to him until the morning after.

Aside from the obvious risk that the abs in combination with the flirting would not have the desired results (anyone else think The Girl is officially playing dumb?), a certain boy forgot just how difficult it is to walk, sit, lay, move, or even breathe when every muscle in your stomach feels like it has been hit with a baseball bat from continued flexing for over 9 hours!

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