Friday, December 28, 2007

Feeling the Karma

So, about 5 am today (yes, I was up at 5 am), I was driving up the 215, taking puppies to be fixed. I accidentally woke Nate this morning, so he came with me, chattering about the beautiful sunrise and telling me jokes. At one point, I was contemplating the state of my van. You see, the van is a lease and it has some bumper damage. I was contemplating the mileage, which is over, the cost of the scratches on one of the doors, the fact that we should probably fix the bumper before turning in the van, and trying to decide if we would just refinance to buy the car, or trade for a newer model.

As I'm exiting the freeway and yielding (as the signage required) to traffic in the lane I was entering, I was suddenly met with a loud thunk and jostle. My first thought? "Woo Hoo! Some idiot just bought me a new bumper!" As potential mother of the year, my second thought was, "I hope Nate's OK!" And of course he was. The impact was only 15 or 20 mph.

I hopped out of the car and went to look at my bumper, at which point the guy who hit me- who is still sitting in his truck- yells, "Get me your insurance information." I immediately want to strangle him, but say, "Sure. Get me yours."

And then he says, "Do you have insurance?"
"Dude, you hit me. Do you have insurance?"
"Lady, you have to give me all of your information"
"I never said I wouldn't, but you hit me. So clearly, you need to have insurance and a driver's license. I'm going to need that" (There were quite a few more choice words from him here, but I will leave them out)

And then, just as I'm trying to figure out why the guy is being a jerk (especially since the damage to my van was pretty minor and the damage to his bumper looked non-existent), he has the nerve to say, "You don't even know that it's my fault. I mean you aren't supposed to stop when you yield. I'm not saying it's my fault."

"Are you kidding me? I'm not supposed to yield to traffic in the lane even though there's a yield sign? And, I never stopped. You hit me. You ran into me as I was following traffic signs."

At this point, it's clear that I need to have a little muscle because the jerk is planning to take all of the information and then claim I backed into him or something. Unbelievable. And wouldn't you know that karma loved me for a second time and a traffic incident truck pulled up right behind me. He noted the guy screaming at me and called CHP to come file a report. As I was pulling away after all of the necessities were done, the guy was being arrested. Driving Under the Influence, I believe. I love Karma!


Christina said...

wow, 5 am? Serves you right for getting up before God. ;)

I wonder if he was on his way home from a very long night, or just getting an early start on the day... Too bad their's no real punishment for DUI's.

katzbox said...

oh hecks yea...high fives all glad you're okay my friend but happy also that the karma police had your back...*insert happy dance here*...and our little family motto in times like this said in a tiny voice off to the side "tithing!"

Naomi said...

So, what color is your new van going to be?? :)