Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Spoiled Youngest Kid

He got to decorate his own cake, eschewing the sprinkles and opting for his motto, "I'm cool" instead.
He quite enjoyed opening his presents in the restaurant where all tables could see him.

And was clearly thrilled with them. All of them received excited gasps, including the towel and the shirt.

The employees then placed a coffee filter on his head and a toilet seat cover around his neck and sang to him. Of course for him, it was all about the ice cream sundae.

But the snorkel set was such a HUGE hit, we decided to go night swimming so he could try out his new present. And when I say we, please know I mean they.

I triple love this photo. It is officially my new favorite of him.

Evan had to drag him from the pool because the rest of us were ready for cake.

Six attempts later, the candles were out and cake was consumed. And then everyone went quickly and quietly to bed. Right.

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Mom said...

It's the extra large blue eyes with those long dark lashes and that grin. Does he always have a grin? Irresistable.