Sunday, June 1, 2008

Rain, and the first magician attempt

It poured rain here last week. In the 5+ years we've lived here, I'm not sure I'm ever seen it rain this hard.

Ellie, Tyler and Nate had a great time playing through the neighborhood. Naturally, they avoided the drainage holes. Or as we like to call them, the Lost and Gone Forever Holes.

The streets were totally flooded. And I'm not sure how that umbrella is helping her.

Tyler made rain clothes out of trash bags. He was still soaked, but he felt good about his invention.

And this is the first try at the magic show. I love this video as it really shows his personality. Especially the point where he starts smacking himself. Priceless.


kirsti.hardie said...

oh rain rain . . .welcome to my existence

frizzlefry said...

I don't think I could handle it year round. :(

Dave said...

I just love the look on Nate's face after he eats the candy. Like he KNOWS he's cool.