Sunday, March 9, 2008

Daylight Savings and Household Madness

Yesterday I took Rebi and Evan to see 10,000 BC with their friend for her birthday. (I recommend it only if you love epic adventures full of plot holes and wildly inaccurate geography, ecology, and history.)
We got home at midnight. Regular time.
I went to be at 1. Or 2. Or really I was asleep when we magically skipped 2am and went to 3am.
Nate kicked me at 2:30/3:30.
Tyler cried with bad dreams at 4.
My alarm went off at 5:30. Which was really 5:30, but I thought it was supposed to be 6:30, until I made it across to my radio and it said 4:30. Because phones automatically update to PDT, so I should have set it for 6:30, which is what time I needed to be up, but I wasn't sure it would update and if we were late leaving here, Tyler would miss his final competition for level 4.
At the now real 6:30 that feels like 4:30 and looks like 5:30, I started dragging everyone out of bed.
We left at 7:15. Well, 7:30. I don't care that we're late everywhere we go, OK?
We arrived back home at 3 pm.
At 4pm. I begged the kids for some quiet to catch a wink or two.
And I got two.
At 4:05 everyone started yelling and screaming.
Once I got up, they were quiet again. Maddening to a degree just shy of insanity.

Tyler did an amazing job, earning the three highest ribbons and nothing lower. His personal best.

In the chaos, I forgot both camera and video. Sorry!


Mom said...

Gotta LOOOOOVE daylight time! I reset my bedroom clock before I went to bed Saturday night, then was still tossing and turning at 1:00 am (2:00 am?). I had finally sunk into a dead sleep, when the radio started blaring at 6:30 am. I struggled to regain consciousness to an absolutely dark morning, only to find that it was actually the new 5:30 am. The clock had automatically reset itself another hour ahead, so I was 2 hours ahead. Even after checking my cell phone, I wasn't sure what time it was. I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't. Aaaagggh!!! I HATE TIME CHANGES. PICK A TIME, ANY TIME, AND JUST LEAVE IT THERE!!!

I did make it to Sacrament Meeting on time.

katzbox said...

We made it on time, but only because it starts at 11:00...but my husband totally missed his meeting before it was frantic for awhile..but YOU! You just took that time change for A RIDE!!! YOWSA!!!!

scpcrath said...

Way to go Tyler!! All that hard work has totally paid off...maybe we'll get to start seeing you at scouts soon!?!