Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I am Officially OLD

  • I am sagging in all sorts of weird places, but I can blame that on having kids.
  • I have gray hair, but only a few and I pluck them out.
  • I have arthritis, but not the OLD person kind. Everyone knows RA can affect anyone.
  • I constantly fight the unibrow, and Evan and I have matching scumstashes, but prednisone (to control the RA) gives everyone the facial hair of a pubescent boy.
  • I forget things a lot, but hey! I am one busy woman. Forgetting is normal for my situation.
  • My hearing is starting to go. Again, I just chalk that up to noisy kids and eardrum damage.
  • I don't look in the mirror enough to notice the wrinkles.

So what makes me old?
I caught myself singing along to Neil Diamond today. I knew the words. I didn't even think to change the radio when his song came on. And now, I can no longer deny that I am old.


katzbox said...

Wow...um...you knew AND SANG to a Neil Diamond song?...oh dear...perhaps it better to wake up with stiff joints than to be caught doing THAT...

Just for kicks, do you know any early Elton John?...

frizzlefry said...

The only Elton John (and Neil Diamond) I know is a direct result of living with KA and Jen in college.

I'm more of a Nine Inch Nails kinda' girl.

Angela said...

Who's KA? Anyone I know? Definitely not Randi as she introduced me to The Cure. I often find myself telling my daughter as we're driving along, "This song was popular when I was your age." Yesterdays song when I was her age was "There She Goes Again," by The Cars (I think). Why do they still play that stuff?

Becs said...

... I don't know why I'm admitting this, but I'm 23 and I know all the words to all the songs on Hot August Night. For this I blame my mother. *siiiigh*